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Demanovská ice cave

Demänovská ice cave represents the northern part of the world-famous Demänovská caves in the Low Tatras in the Demänovská valley. It was discovered already in 1299, it is one of the oldest known caves in Europe. It is notable for the presence of permanent ice filling, bizarre and massive shapes of underground spaces, rare cave fauna, as well as rich history. It is located in the precipice of Bašta above Kamennou chatou. Of the 1,900 m, 680 m is open to the public.

liptov Demänovská ľadová jaskyňa

Demanovska cave of freedom

Demänovská cave of freedom is a karst cave in the Low Tatras in Demänovská dolina, one of the Demänovská caves. It was discovered in 1921 and is the most visited accessible cave in Slovakia. Demänovská jaskyňa slobody, which has enchanted visitors for many years with its rich sinter filling of various colors, the mysterious underground stream of Demänovka, and its magical lakes.

liptov Demänovská jaskyňa slobody

Vazecka cave

Važecká cave is one of the most famous caves in northern Slovakia in the Liptovská basin near Važec. It is located in the valley of Biele Váh on the northern edge of the Low Tatras in the Kozie sprty mountains, near the village of Važec, at an altitude of 784 m above sea level. m. The cave was discovered by student Ondrej Húska in 1922, and six years later it was provisionally opened. Važecká cave, although it is one of the shorter accessible caves in terms of length, is known for the occurrence of rich drip decoration, remarkable finds of cave bear bones, as well as rare cave fauna.

Važecká jaskyňa liptov

Stanisovska cave

The small Stanišovská cave is located in the Jánská dolina near the village of Liptovský Ján. Its length is 871 m, depth 28 meters. The cave has been open to the public since January 15, 2010, and 410 meters are accessible. It is interesting that the cave is accessible in its original state, with a minimum of modifications and also without lighting. It is the only year-round accessible cave in Liptov, open every day.

Stanišovská jaskyňa jánska dolina
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